Terminal renovation update 1


Stage Two of the Airport Terminal Renovation has progressed well this week. The external café is looking clean and bright with its fresh paint job (see attached). The ceiling fans should be installed over night and the area should be reopened to the public on Friday. Please remember that this is now a non-smoking area.

Tiling in the departure toilets is nearing completion, which will allow for the partitions and plumbing fixtures to be installed. A splash of colour with new paintwork will finish off the area within the next week.

The tiling in the café is expected to start on Monday.  This will mean that sections of the café will be closed off during the day. However, access to the great food and beverage offered by the café will be in place at all times. The contractors will also start work on the wall between the departures area, the café and the screening point. Temporary hoarding will be in place to ensure that the sterile zone is maintained at all times. Patrons are asked to pay attention to security and boarding calls as the temporary walls will mean that visibility between the café and departure lounge will be limited.

Continuing construction dates are as follows:



Impact to users

Café – external area

22 August to beginning October

Closed to public. Additional seating to be offered in terminal.

Departure area toilets

Early September to early October

Closed to public. Arrivals toilets to be used.

International area


No impact.

Departure lounge

Early to end-October

No impact. Works undertaken in various work stages.

Café internal area

Early to end-October

Closed in stages for new flooring renovations and installation of new bench seating units. Food and beverage service will be maintained.