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Air Travellers Warned About Samsung Note 7

21 October 2016

Air travellers are being warned by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices must not be carried on any aircraft in any circumstances.

This follows the recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 by the manufacturer after a number overheated and caught fire around the world.

Under Australian aviation dangerous goods safety regulations where lithium batteries of the kind found in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices have been identified by the manufacturer as having the potential to produce dangerous heat, fire or short circuits they are forbidden for transport by air.

Lithium batteries are considered dangerous goods under the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations but may be carried on aircraft subject to certain limitations.

Because of the particular risks they pose Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices must not be taken on board any aircraft - large or small - by passengers or be placed in carry on or checked luggage.

Australia’s major airlines have already acted to ban the carriage of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices and a number of aviation authorities in other nations are considering or have taken similar action.

Travellers with a Galaxy Note 7 should seek further advice from their airline or Samsung prior to travelling.

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