Carbon Reduction at PHIA Setting the Standard for Sustainable Aviation at Regional Airports

8 July 2024

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Based on independent assessment, the PHIA, operated by the PHIA Operating Company Pty Ltd, has demonstrated effective carbon management practices, including the setting of targets and a clear reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

Hon. Cheryl Edwardes, PHIA Chair said: "We are thrilled that Port Hedland International Airport has achieved Level 2 Reduction under the Airport Accreditation programme. This accomplishment underscores the commitment of the PHIA to sustainable aviation and responsible carbon management."

Through strategic initiatives, many of which were implemented as a part of the new Terminal, such as energy-efficient lighting, double-glazed windows, a building management system, and the integration of a hybrid vehicles into our fleet, PHIA has made significant strides in reducing both Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

Additionally, the airport's ongoing efforts include the construction of a 1.22 megawatt solar farm, exemplifying the dedication to further environmental stewardship.

"This milestone reflects the continuous pursuit of excellence in sustainable airport operations and as the operator of the airport who took over in 2016, we are extremely proud of our team who have worked diligently towards achieving this goal. Setting the standards for all remote regional airports across Australia" said Dave Batic, Chief Executive Officer PHIA.

"Congratulations to Port Hedland International Airport. This shows the airport's commitment to contribute towards our industry's common vision of achieving net zero emissions by 2050. We hope that other airports will follow suit and join us in reducing in carbon footprint," said Stefano Baronci, Director General, ACI Asia-Pacific & Middle East.

Additional Information

The ACI Airport Carbon Accreditation Programme is independently administered and is overseen by an Advisory Board which currently comprises representatives from organisations including the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change; the European Commission; US Federal Aviation Administration; International Civil Aviation Organisation; Manchester Metropolitan University. Airports can participate in the programme at one of the four main progressively stringent levels of accreditation: 1. Mapping; 2. Reduction; 3. Optimisation; and 4. Transformation.

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PHIA Chief Executive Officer

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