Port Hedland International Airport to Bolster Community Resilience

25 June 2021

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The St John Community First Responder (CFR) program aims to get defibrillators to cardiac arrest victims in the vital minutes before an ambulance arrives. Port Hedland International Airport (PHIA) has funded six new public access defibrillators and eight cabinets to the Port and South Hedland communities. The new defibrillators and cabinets will be located at:

  • Port Hedland Police Station
  • Port Hedland Dome Café
  • Port Hedland Yacht Club
  • South Hedland Police Station
  • South Hedland - The Homestead Centre Throssell Road
  • South Hedland Lotteries House
  • Wanangkura Stadium
  • Civic Centre

PHIA General Manager Rod Evans said the airport has an established community sponsorship program, supporting airport partners and organisations in our local community. “PHIA values our relationship with St John Hedland team and the vital services they deliver where we live and work. We appreciate their participation in our airport emergency exercises and their first aid supplies and services. PHIA has invested in roading, lighting and infrastructure improvements for ambulance access to the airfield.”

“PHIA has contributed $15,000 towards a range of initiatives, including the new defibrillators, 75 volunteer-designed shirts for the ‘Green Dream Team’ ambulance volunteers and contribution towards a community BBQ trailer.”